Computer Cut Heat Transfer

Heat Press Transfer films is an alternative to screen printing. Using thin, ultra light weight, stretch films by Siser. These films are computer cut and there are over 30 colours to choose from you are bound to find the colour you are looking for. Siser P.S film can be both ironed over and you can wash in 80 degrees.


We also have a digital full colour option specifically formulated for eco solvent based inks-printing and cutting systems.The Siser Colorprint PU is thin, matt finish and has incredible stretch and rebound ability and has excellent washability of up to 60 degrees.

This process can be used on various fabrics such as Cotton, Polyester, poly-cotton blends.

Select garments from our selection of suppliers, JB’s Wear & Biz Collection and Ramo.


There are no minimum quantities. To embroider a logo, first it needs to be digitised. This process is done using software to map out the location of each individual stitch. Digitising is required before any design can be embroidered and is a one off fee.
Email us your logo design for a quote on embroidering , pricing depends on amount of stitches required.

Dye Sublimation

Dye Sublimation is a relatively new printing technique that allows us to print full colour images onto 100% White Polyester T-Shirts & Polos. Well how does it work? Solid dye particles are converted into a gas using heat and pressure then are forced to bond with the material they are dyeing and converted back to a solid.


With Dye Sublimation the dye is actually absorbed into the material as opposed to ink sitting on top of the material as with screen printing. Because of this only light coloured shirts can be used to Dye Sublimate. The major difference between the two methods is Dye Sublimation must be done on material that contains at least 80% polyester. The higher the polyester content the more vivid the images. The third difference is the ability to print not in four or six colour as with screen printing, but FULL COLOUR. Imagine the possibilities of being able to print full colour photo quality images onto t-shirts. And with no screens means NO SCREEN CHARGES . Images can applied Front & Back. Colours are dyed and will not wash out.

For this process only 100% Polyester White garments can be used from our selection of suppliers, JB’s Wear & Biz Collection.

Choose quality garments such as polo shirts, t-shirts, work-wear, corporate apparel, jackets and much more……from our selection of suppliers

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